the-challenging-childStanley I. Greenspan MD with Jacqueline Salmon (Da Capo Press, 1995)

Stanley Greenspan (1941-2010) was one of the most influential American child psychiatrists of the last decades. He wrote extensively on issues like child development, parenting, autism and others.

His view of development combines several previous developmental perspectives from psychoanalysis, attachment, neurobiology in a context of increased preoccupation for the relational quality of psychic life. This brief summary of the material present in his book is structured in three parts. The first part describes the stages […]

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the-explosive-childRoss W. Greene, PhD (Harper Collins Publishers, 2001)

Often, children’s skills develop unevenly. They may be doing well with some, while other skills appear to be lagging. Most often, if a particular skill is not acquired at the age when it is expected to be present it is not a sign that the child is not willing to learn. It is much more likely that he is not yet ready for that skill, most often because a critical element is missing or is underdeveloped.

“Flexibility and […]

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